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Sally and Dick Watkeys
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S'Dandi Shih Tzu
We Remember . . .
CH Soha's Jungle Gym Chang Tang
Mowgli, our first champion, is deeply missed. He went to the bridge in mid-2006.
Orie, our first home-bred champion, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He is truly missed.
CH AmaDandi's Twilight Hunter
CH AmaDandi's Blkeyed Suzan
AM/CAN CH Nanking S'Dandi's Priority Pkg. ROM
CH S'Dandi's Kylemore Abbey
CH S'Dandi's One Dream At A Time
Suzan, our first black/masked gold champion, lives with Ann Bromley, AmaDandi Shih Tzu, in Belding, MI. Her special place was cemented years ago.
Abbey, Rush’s litter sister, is with her owner, Cheryl Kelly, Kelly Shih Tzu, in Montana.
Morgan, an Abbey son, has found his forever home in Zeeland, MI with Mary Terpstra.
Emery, from our friend, Geri Ikola in Canada, is a happy boy living with a wonderful family in MN.
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A tribute to the dogs that have shone brightly throughout our lives
Chang Tang’s Lili Ping
Chang Tang’s Mr. Beau Jangles
AmaDandi’s Star Spangled Girl
Chang Tang’s Shih’s Dandi
Beswick S’Dandi’s Red
Hot 'N Blu
S’Dandi’s Lil Orphan Annie
Betsy is the Great, Great Gramma of our group. She is still going strong at almost 14 years of age.
Annie, from one of our first litters, became Rush and Abbey’s dam. She was a wonderful producer and mama.
Aerial was the impetus behind AmaDandi Shih Tzu. Living part-time with us and part-time with Ann, she cemented a “forever friendship.”
Dandi, our first showgirl, taught me everything I needed to know about the show-ring. Losing her has left a big hole in my heart.
Lili and Mr. Beau started this “Shih Tzu thing.” They were purchased from a show breeder who inspired me to try the show circuit.
CH S'Dandi's There Can Be Only One
Duncan has found his forever home with a good friend and teaching associate in the Detroit area. He now lives with Susan and Tom Fitch.
S’Dandi’s Lite Up The Nite
Aurora, now retired, is living with Jackie Verchot in Birmingham, AL. She is now queen of her new home.
AmaDandi's Keeping The Promise
Promise has decided that therapy work is her forte. She will be part of Hand In Paw in Birmingham, AL living with the founder and owner of the organization, Beth Franklin.
CH I Am S'Dandi's Midnight Sun
Denali, our first black champion, still loves to snuggle each night on our bed. She will always be a special girl. She's now retired and loving life as a house mouse.