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Just BePaws . . .
The puppy packet that goes along with each AmaDandi Shih Tzu puppy is full of information intended to make new puppy care easier—and to better insure the best of care for the puppies we place. Many times people “assume” that everyone has the same knowledge about dog care that we “doggie people” take for granted. We have found it better to “assume” nothing, instead, we lay it all out in a simple, easy to follow, friendly manner. Most of the answers to the questions that new owners ask are answered in the packet. Something that may seem simple, like bathing a small puppy, can turn into disaster. The fragile bones of a puppy can be broken if he jumps out of the sink while the owner goes to get a towel. So...to try to avoid a problem... here is the “cookbook method” of “How to Bathe a Puppy”:

Get ready:

The kitchen sink works well. If you do not have a sprayer available, have a plastic cup ready for rinsing. Assemble these items: 2 towels, shampoo, conditioner, three plastic cups or containers, brush, combs, hair dryer (one that blows warm, not hot air . In one cup, mix up the shampoo per directions—approx. 2T.shampoo to 1-1 ½ C. water (do not use shampoo full strength.) In another cup, mix up the conditioner –approx. 2T. To 1 C. water.

Get set:

Take puppy out to “go potty” first—don’t forget to praise his efforts!


1) Warm up the water–not too hot, not too cold!

2)Gently put puppy in the sink (PRAISE, PRAISE!) Use a reassuring, yet firm voice. Wet his body all over.

DO NOT LEAVE PUPPY ALONE FOR EVEN A MINUTE!!!!!! Keep one hand on puppy at all times!!!!!! If the phone rings, either let it ring, or grab a towel and take a soggy puppy with you!

3) Pour on shampoo solution. Be very careful around eyes–remember that soap stings! (Artificial tears ointment or petroleum jelly can be applied before bathing for protection.

4) Gently work shampoo over body. (There does not have to be a great lather to do a good job.) Carefully work over all body parts, paying extra attention to underside, feet, rear, and face. Again, be careful to keep soap and water out of eyes and ears. Tell puppy to “stand” (PRAISE, PRAISE.) When puppy is clean, rinse until water runs clear. Be sure to do a thorough job of rinsing—the soap must be off to prevent itchy, dry skin. Now, pour on the warm conditioner solution. Work thru for at least a full minute. RINSE. (Don’t forget lots of PRAISE—you want this to be a good experience for your puppy–you will be doing it a lot!)

5)Gently squeeze out excess water.

6) Wrap puppy in a towel. Cuddle puppy for a few minutes. Do not rub dry. Change to a dry towel for a few more minutes—this helps to reduce the time under the hair dryer.

7) Use the hair dryer on warm, not hot----be sure to keep one hand on puppy, as he may try to jump away. Comb through carefully–paying special attention to face, especially around eyes.

8) As with regular, daily grooming, work with puppy to lay on his back, side, and go “down” on his tummy.

9) Finish with a simple, one-band topknot.

10) Even though puppy is now dry, keep him warm. Uh-oh! It is probably time for a potty break again!

What a beautiful baby Shih Tzu you have there!!!

Professional groomers will be more than happy to do this service for you, but much of the grooming for your puppy can be accomplished easily at home. Just remember to assemble your items ahead, be patient, and ALWAYS KEEP ONE HAND ON YOUR PUPPY!
Your Puppy