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Just BePaws . . .
There is a children’s book called, Part Time Dog that is about a little dog who wandered into a neighborhood and spent the day with one family, playing and eating-and spent the night with another family, watching TV and sleeping on the sofa. This shared experience seemed to work for both families each one enjoying the company of one little dog, kind of the best of both worlds. Everyone was happy, including the dog.

Aerial, our part-time dog, was the catalyst which led to the combination of two kennels and the instigator of a friendship that has grown and blossomed between two people who share common values, goals and dreams in this dog thing.

She came to live with me, a beautiful, little, sixteen-week-old puppy. She was quite small, which was the reason I hesitated taking her. I had tried to show a small girl, who retired with 12 points. However, Ann and Doug really wanted me to take Aerial and try. When we decided to co-own her and see what would happen, Aerial became part of my family of Tzu.

As expected, she stayed small, beautiful and spritely. Her personality won everyone’s heart as she wormed her way into our lives. She became the puppy that had to stay. Home would just be wherever one of her families was. When we visited her birth home, she remembered and had no problem enjoying all the comforts there. It was a natural that she would spend the night during our visits in someone’s bed other than ours. Ann’s girls enjoyed these visits, too, and Aerial adapted to time in both homes. It became quite a joke when, during visits, Aerial changed home and families, never missing a beat.

She loves it at Ann’s when I go back to work, going for walks, rides in the car, and playing with the kids both human and canine.
She loves it in Traverse City during the summer when she can enjoy the yard, the lake and boat rides. She truly is our “part-time” dog. Even after six years, it’s really special to watch this little dog when the couple that has been absent from her arrives to visit. No dog could ever make you feel more welcome than Aerial as she greets the visitors with all the love and wiggles she can possibly muster. She has enough love for both families and, also, some to spare for guests. Aerial could teach us all a lesson in flexibility and relationships. She just loves.

There will always be two special memories that stamped themselves in my heart whenever I think of this little girl-dog. One was of the first reunion we had with her other family after she came to live with us. She had two moms and two dads under one roof! How could she possibly love ALL these people at the same time? She flew from one to another with sheer happiness electrifying her small body. She loved and knew she was loved.

The other memory was just before she whelped her first and only litter. Ann and I had gone to a show in the RV. It was kind of like a slumber party-the “girls” talking and laughing well into the night with Aerial’s warm, melon-shaped body snuggled cozily between us. I remember looking at her contented, dozing face, secure between the two people she loved.

The best thing that has evolved from our experience with this part-time dog is the friendship between families. We have learned from each other to accept the things we cannot change, enjoy the accomplishments, worry about the disappointments, and support each other’s extended family.

What a gift one little dog has given us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the people of the world could learn such a lesson in life?
A recent puppy buyer told me that her new puppy taught her a new way to love. With the unconditional love of her new, furry companion, she is relating to members of her family differently. She is happier, and so are they. A note from her husband stated that their puppy was the best thing that had happened to their family in ten years.

Should we all take lessons from our wonderful animals? I emphatically say, “Yes!!!” If we did, maybe we wouldn’t have all the hatred, jealously, back-stabbing and ugliness we see in the world all around us. I consider myself to be a lucky lady. I’ve had the trust of some wonderful people who gave me the start in this breed so necessary to “make it” so to speak-good advice and good friendships, wonderful animals and wonderful relationships. Who could ask for much else?
Part Time