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Just BePaws . . .
“All our babies came from Michigan!” exclaimed the beaming parents of a brand new baby daughter.

Each new life is a gift from God that continually delivers His message that the world should go on. For Nick and Elena Nicholas, the message was delivered only 8 weeks prior to the birth of a baby girl who would be waiting for them in Michigan. Christmas 2002 brought the new parents from Florida to adopt little Sophia Elena.

The other “babies” in this family came from Michigan, too---but THEY are AmaDandi Shih Tzu!

The Nicholas’ are part of the AmaDandi family because of the Tzu entwined within their families. They are a caring, generous, close-knit group who look out for each other and love their Shih Tzu. Nick and Elena first came to Michigan from Florida to pick up the puppy they had selected as a gift for her brother’s family. Elena outwardly admitted that she wasn’t a “dog person”---but wisely recognized that Shih Tzu aren’t really dogs! Puppy Zeus traveled with them to Wisconsin for the Holidays. The placement of this puppy was perfect. The characteristics of this breed we love are endearing. It wasn’t long before the Nicholas’ called to reserve a puppy for their very own. They came from Florida in 1998 to take her home. She was the darling of their hearts. It is said that “a baby makes a couple a family”. Some people will question the idea of a dog making this transition, but for many it is true. Daisey brought great joy to the Nicholas home. So much so, that it was decided to add one more. Kiki joined the family in 2000. (Elena says that it is a good thing Kiki was too small to show. She is so perfect in every other way that we probably wouldn’t have let her go!)

As breeders, we are happy to have our puppies in a home like this. As people, we are happy to have found a relationship with families such as these. As friends, we offer our warmest wishes to Nick, Elena, and baby Sophia Elena.

We are told that Daisey and Kiki have had no problems accepting Sophia as their new “little sister”. In fact, if dogs do indeed “talk things over”, we are certain that Daisy and Kiki are taking credit for teaching Nick and Elena how to “raise girls”.

Sally and Dick visited the Michigan babies last year on their trip to Florida. Everyone had a great time. Nick did a fabulous job with his barbecued ribs specialty while “doggie daddy,” Rush, enjoyed being his regal self overseeing the festivities. He is Kiki’s sire and proud of his offspring.

P.S. ---We are anxiously awaiting the first photo of ALL the girls in topknots and bows!
Michigan Babies